Saturday, March 24, 2007

Life isn't worth living.

Just kidding.

It was just a basketball game.

The Kansas Jayhawks lost tonight, so their men's basketball season is over. Too bad. They had so much potential.

Only good thing for me? If the Jayhawks had reached the national championship game, they would have played on Monday, April 2. That's the first evening of the Easter Camp we're attending next month. And there aren't many TVs where we're headed. So, I would have faced the moral dilemma of being at the first evening service of camp, or skipping out and finding a TV somewhere to watch the game.

No dilemma now.



YouthGuyEvan said...

Hey man... bummer...

So which sport are you going to follow closely now :)


P-Rob said...


Tom Bernice Tommy Nicky Hammond said...

Go Hoyas!!