Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Small town news.

I'm in Turlock visiting my mom for a few days. She had a doctor's appointment today, and things continue to look good for her. Earlier this week, her blood pressure took a big drop while she was receiving her rituxan chemo treatment for her lymphoma cancer. Today, the doctor decided to stop the treatments for a few weeks, and do a PT scan in early May, after Mom returns from a trip back east with her sister.

Mom and I ate lunch after her appointment, and as I was driving back to her house, it occurred to me that I miss living in a smaller town. Turlock isn't a small town anymore; its population is closing in on 70K, I think. But I live in the Sacramento area, where town blends into the next town, where the sense of community is a little bit harder to grasp.

We ate at the local Togo's, and the long wall of the restaurant is covered in sports pictures from the local high schools and university. And maybe that's part of what I miss.

I miss walking into a store and seeing a teacher from back in high school.

I miss driving past a building and remembering what used to be there 10 years ago.

I miss spending time with people whom I've known for 10, 15, 20 years.

I miss being able to get across town in less than 15 minutes.

I miss local politics.

I miss living in an actual city, with an actual mayor and actual city council.

I miss having old friends who've hardly seen me in 4 years tell me that I'm looking slim and that I've lost weight (it's happened the last two times in town; gotta love it)

Just some thoughts for the day.


Anonymous said...

You can come back anytime =)
Tammy W

PJ said...

I know what you mean. I live in a smaller town then Turlock (your population estimate is pretty right on), but I miss all of what you talked about. I don't have that where I live. I can travel to the next city only 15 minutes away and be lost with 750K people.

I miss your mom. She is one of the greatest ladies I know. I really miss her as she is a lady of character. When I was around her I always felt the Lord's presence. I am not just trying to suck up to the writer of the blog either.


P-Rob said...

suckin up to the writer of a blog is always a good idea. u should see the stuff i post on other people's sites.

thx for the kind words about me mum. she is awesome, indeed.