Saturday, April 28, 2007

Fun with coffee.

Last night, our youth held their first coffeehouse night in nearly two years. It was lots of fun seeing students showcase their creative skills, from solo guitarists to a worship band to a rock band to freehand drawing to molded-clay creations to original poetry to silly, silly songs.

We did these coffeehouse nights back in the day, but we seemed to run out of students willing to present and perform. Last night showed that we have incredible creative depth in our youth ministry. It also reminded me that despite some big challenges we've experienced since the beginning of the year, we have a core of kids committed to our group and committed to seeing it thrive.

We'll probably do more of these over the summer. We used our outdoor courtyard, a new venue for us, and the vibe was awesome. By 7pm, the area is in shade and by 8pm the candles on the tables shone brightly. Lots of fun.

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