Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Guess what I got?

Nope...not a new iPod...or $1,000 in the mail...or anything really fun at all.

I got pinkeye. Yuck. Technically, it's called "conjunctivitis," and technically, it leaves my eye all red and icky. But I got some meds this afternoon and I'm on my way to looking and feeling better.

And remarkably, I got into and out of a Kaiser Permanente facility in just about an hour: got vitals done (blood pressure and pulse good), met with the doc, got a prescription filled, had some blood work done (to check on cholesterol and pre-diabetes issues from a few years ago). Pretty cool. In the past, I've sat in Kaiser facilities for a long, long time just to meet with a doc.

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Tom Bernice Tommy Nicky Hammond said...

Divine health to you my friend!