Thursday, April 26, 2007

PDYM lunch day

So, today was the springtime Purpose-Driven Youth Ministry (PDYM) luncheon for our region here in NorCal. Drove over to Vacaville to Valley Church, and host Jeremy White did a great job once again.

This lunch was a bit different because we got to watch a cool training video from Doug Fields. He offered some great tips on recruiting and nurturing volunteer teams in youth ministry. As always, good stuff.

But I must share some fun moments from the event and video:
* Hearing Fields talk about podcasts and blogs -- especially considering his absolute love for blogs.
* I've never seen anyone indicate the number "2" by using the two index fingers on their hands. Most of us would hold up 2 fingers on one hand. Fields? Both index fingers.
* Jeremy got teased mercilessly because he has a soul patch -- just like Fields.

Anyway, great time once again. The video training added a lot; nice extra!

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