Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'd like to apologize: Volume 3

It's Thursday, which means it's time to get something off my chest...and I don't just mean the missed drops of antibiotics I'm using to treat my pinkeye! This week I offer my apologies:

* To anyone who touched my eye on Monday, for the possible pinkeye they will soon experience.
* To Jeremy White, for forgetting to give him my $5 for the PDYM lunch today; it'll get to ya, I promise.
* To people who've been using tax preparation software for years, for thinking they were silly; now I know why you do it.
* To Tyler Combs, for making jokes about what life will be like when he's away from Turlock for a few months.
* To Kaiser Permanente, for complaining about their quality of care, which was much better this week than I've had in the past.
* To the folks at Thunder Valley Casino, for not stopping off at their fine establishment and wasting money on Tuesday.
* To Jack Bauer, for thinking his world get any easier -- or more realistic -- this week.
* To Starbucks, for only visiting once over the last week.
* To our coffehouse crowd in advance, for hearing me doing something musically tomorrow that I might regret.
* To Dave Welborn, for using AIM to chat with him, even though he lives just down the hall from me.
* To Hillary Clinton, for taking yet another blood oath to never ever vote for her.
* To my neighbors, for still having Christmas lights up (but not used) even though it's almost May.
* To Jim Sanders, for not connecting with him last week like I had promised.
* And on a very serious the family that visited our church on April 15, for the loss of their mom in a car accident just 2 days after they were with us. Your family remains in our prayers.

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