Thursday, April 12, 2007

To read a book, a book to read.

I bought a new book the other day. I'm trying to cut back. This book addiction can get quite expensive.

I try avoiding the places that feed my addiction, just as an alcoholic avoids bars, liquor stores and bingo halls. But earlier this week, I was hanging out with a student and we visited Borders. And I gave in.

Fortunately, I did pass over the "Inside Details of Anna Nicole's Death" and "The Notepad of Legal Paper," by John Grisham. What caught my eye was "The Jesus Way" by Eugene Peterson. Some of you know him simply as "the guy who wrote The Message translation of the Bible." Well, maybe not so simply.

This is the third book in his series on spiritual theology. I've bought and breezed through the two previous books, though both demand and deserve much more thorough readings. Last month we did a series with our youth on The Way of Wisdom, and this one feels like it'll be relevant and interesting, especially since I'm still kind of focused on the word "way" and the path of following Jesus.

So, this should be a good read.

Once I get around to reading it.

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