Monday, October 22, 2007

All kinds of fires.


The weather is wonderful up here in Northern California, but the same can't be true for all of our friends down to the south. This morning I came across a bunch of news articles and blog posts about the wildfires in both the L.A. and San Diego areas.

From CNN:
    Helping residents who ignored evacuation orders diverted fire crews away from firefighting efforts Monday as wildfires burned out of control in the San Diego area, officials said.

    "We've been unable to do any suppression effort because, in most cases, the fire resources are being used ... to do rescues," said Bill Metcalf, chief of the North County Fire Protection District in Fallbrook.

    Metcalf said the wildfire situation in the San Diego area "has gotten dramatically worse overnight."

From YSMarko (Mark Oestreicher from Youth Specialties):
    weird morning here in san diego. there are two fires, burning somewhat out of control, in the hills to the east of san diego. one of the fires, overnight, moved into a neighborhood to the north and east of san diego and burned down some houses. i’m still watching the news and don’t know all the details. heard from one of our seminar speakers this morning that he stayed with a friend in north county and can’t get down to the convention, because the roads are closed. a few of our ys staff live in areas where there homes will likely be evacuated soon. i’m still trying to find out if there’s any sense that i should be worried about my home - i don’t think the fire is moving to my area at this point (the fire in the north east seems to be the one that’s much worse at this point; my home is closer to the fire that’s in the south east).

From Mike Lovato:
    Be praying for those in SoCal who are affected by the wildfires. It's all over the news here. And if you go outside it smells like smoke (even though our house is a decent ways from the closest fire). Also, be praying for Malibu Presbyterian Church. Their church building burnt down today in the fires.

There is also more wire service coverage from MSNBC and SFGate, plus local coverage from the L.A. Times.

UPDATE: A woman in our church passed along this item this afternoon. "Please pass on a prayer request to the team. My parent's house and brother's condo are in the path of the fires in San Diego and they were evacuated today."