Thursday, October 04, 2007

Random moments from Greece: Part 2

15 September 2007: Athens
We're continuing to see tortoises here in Athens. Very weird. First one was near the Acropolis a couple of days ago. Then we saw some while watching through the National Gardens. So far, we're up to 4 tortoises. I lived here for six months and never saw any. Weird.

15 September 2007: Athens
Large man, loud music, small car. I was expecting that we would get passed by a Mercedes or a BMW, but it was just a guy in a Smart car.

18 September 2007: Crete
We went driving today. End up way in the northeast corner of Crete, around Vai. If you have to pay to park at a beach, leave! That's what we did. We kept driving on the road, with some winding roads and slow drivers along the way. Mom got some pictures of goats along the side of the road. We reached signs telling us we couldn't take pictures because we were in a military area. Then we saw signs telling us to turn around -- because we were in a military area. Oops.

19 September 2007: Crete
Along the national road, there's a sign saying it's 64 kilometers to Agios Nikolaos (where our hotel was). A few km later, we see another sign...saying we have 65 km to go. Huh??

19 September 2007: Agios Nikolaos, Crete
So, who are these 6 percent? We just a report on CNN International saying 80 percent of people surveyed believe O.J. Simpson was guilty of those murders in 1994, and 14 percent don't think he did it. So who are the 6 percent who can't decide one way or the other?

19 September 2007: Agios Nikolaos, Crete
Sorry folks, but I just don't think soccer is terribly interesting to watch. We have two soccer options on TV right now, but I just don't get much out of watching soccer on TV.