Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's 6PM, the day of Harvest Festival

Wow, it's all over. Our 6th annual Harvest Festival is done, in the can, finished, complete -- and man am I tired!

We don't keep an exact count of the number of guests each year, but here are some facts that I do know:

  • We had more volunteers than last year

  • Our construction work was nearly complete by Friday night, giving us lots of time this morning for decoration and atmosphere

  • Our men did an incredible job handling all the cars, with more volunteers in that area than the last few years

  • We had lots of new faces among our volunteers, always a healthy sign

  • We had plenty of veterans return to help, another healthy sign

  • We ran out of ministry brochures within the first 90 minutes and had to print more, which has never happened before

  • Our "Celebrate Recovery" and "Fired-Up Ministries" booths got lots of inquiries from people

  • It rained much of yesterday, but no one got stuck in mud here

  • We gave away at least 2,000 hot dogs

  • It's 6PM and I can go home!

  • This is an incredible event each year because it shows the power of a church coming together, all of its ministries and all of its leaders and all of its team members, focused on the single cause of creating a fun, free event that sends a positive message to our community.

    And at the end of the day, isn't that what a church should be doing every week? Focusing on helping others and not fighting petty battles? Working together as a team and not defining territory? Looking out for others and not worrying about the sacrifices that must be made?

    An awesome day indeed.