Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Random moments from Greece: Part 1

11 September 2007: Frankfurt
We were walking through passport control, with long lines. Suddenly, one of only two lines for non-EU people closed, sending that line into ours. Needless to say, people were quite upset. One guy started yelling, "Wake up Germany! Open up the gates!" Remarkably, he wasn't arrested. But many people's tempers were rather short. Ironically, just as we reached the passport control, they opened up several more lines. Lucky us.

11 September 2007: Athens
This is pretty cool. I'm in Athens with Mom and Pepie; we just ate dinner. We stopped at a business owned by some of our extended friends here, and a woman just bought a copy of the Sandie Morgan's Greek cookbook. Pretty cool.

14 September 2007: Athens, National Gallery of Art
Translations in art museums can be fun. Just walked past an artwork translated as "The Holly Trinity." Hmmm...

14 September 2007: Temple of Poseidon, Sounion
I didn't come all the way to Greece to listen to some Americans debate politics. But that's what I've been hearing for the last few minutes. Ugh. Had a couple of ignorant tourists (not Americans, btw) go past barriers here at the temple. That just bugs me. The guy even went up to the temple and put his hand on it. Why? Because his lady was taking a picture of him.

15 September 2007: Athens
While walking through Plaka, heard a restaurant guy attempt to get a potential customer's attention by saying "konichiwa," even though the guy clearly wasn't Japanese. (And no, I wasn't the potential customer.)