Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Random moments from Greece: Part 3

21 September 2007: Irakleion, Crete

Someone on this ferry apparently thought that the hits of Lionel Richie would be a great way to send us off musically here in Irakleion. His music is playing right now. Interesting, eh? No. Not really.

22 September 2007: The road to Meteora

Rick had an interesting episode today. We ate at a restaurant along the route to Meteora. Apparently something he ate gave him food sickness, and we had to stop so he could throw up. But he only ate a salad -- one of the two things I ate at lunch. I haven't thrown up, but something else has been working through my system in other ways. Ugh.

Postscript: On the drive back to Athens, we noticed this: "All Time Classic" on the signage for the restaurant where Rick got sick.

23 September 2007: Meteora

Just finished visiting a second monastery here at Meteora. Smaller than yesterday's but still interesting, with great views. This one had some surveillance cameras all over the place, keeping an eye on us guests. Yesterday's may have had cameras too, but I wasn't looking and didn't see any.

24 September 2007: Athens

Sometimes a free flower really is a free flower. Mom was just offered a rose by a young German guy. She refused it, because she thought he was a vendor trying to sell a flower (that has happened a couple times to us). But it wasn't. It was just a free flower.