Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day: Post 2

Some interesting notes and comments among my Facebook friends...
  • Patti Gibbons is grateful that, in America, a new leader taking the reigns of power does not entail a violent coup.
  • Mark Batterson our coffeehouse staff is going to earn an extra crown in heaven today. lines out the door. Buses pulling up. DC is caffeinated.
  • Heather Werle is watching the inauguration on CNN.com and thinks it's hilarious that there's a Facebook Online Section.
  • Kurt Johnston Truly historic moments don't happen very often but today is a biggie...I love the USA.
  • Marcus M. Huntley is happy that many of his friends were able to make it to DC to witness history in person... Stay safe, stay warm and take it all in!!!
  • Marc Cauthon What a responsibility the President has on his shoulders. So I pray even more for President Obama as he begins.
  • Lisa Marie Jarvis Pyle is remembering that there is "NOTHING'S TO HARD FOR GOD", including bringing America back to its knees and seeking God for who HE TRULY IS, THE ALMIGHTY GOD!!
  • John Nowacki appreciates President Bush's leadership and service over the past eight years.
  • Bill Denton : "GOD, HELP THE UNITED STATES!" - After the swear in on a book (Bible or Koran?), I am committed to praying for Obama, my Commander-in-Chief and boss.
  • Jennifer Bonafonte Rieger is watching the coverage and hopeful that her kids will "let" her watch the actual swearing in.
I'm glad I have friends with such diverse views and such willingness to share them with the (Facebook) world.

Some comments overheard on TV...

Putting the politics aside and relishing the moment: from Tara Wall, a conservative commentator, on CNN.
  • All you can see is a sea of humanity: some guy on Fox News
  • This is not an easy moment for them (the Bushes)...and everyone feels the sacredness of the moment: David Gergen on CNN
  • I think it's a natural comparison (the Kennedys and the Obamas) for people of our generation: anchor Nick Toma on Good Day Sacramento
  • My wife asked how many miles a gallon they're going to get with that car: Charlie Gibson on ABC
  • These days, the US Government doesn't buy anything with cash: George Stephanopolous on ABC
Guess what? Wolf Blitzer just said something dumb. Surprise.

I just learned something from Fox News. Dangit. Apparently the inauguration has only been held on the WEST side of the Capitol since 1981, looking out over the National Mall. Incredible. Didn't realize it took that long to make that move. (It was on the EAST side of the Capitol before that.)

My dad and stepmom won a lottery to get tickets to the inauguration this year, but they opted to not go, in part because of the cold, the lack of real accommodations, and the lack of places to sit for hours. Or something like that. I'm sure Dad will comment on this, if I wasn't quite correct.

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