Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day: Post 4

Seeing Bush41 and Clinton together really IS like the odd couple (ABC just made that comment). They embraced and genuinely seem to like each other. Kinda weird.

Dangit, I just missed some "unscripted" moment involving Rahm Emanuel. Something happened as he was heading toward his seat.

Standing O's for Carter. Did I miss the announcements for the other former presidents? Oh never mind. There we go. The Clintons. Wait, so I did miss the Bush announcement? Hmmm. Must be some left-wing conspiracy.

Interesting comments from ABC. The constitution designates the oath of office. The 20th amendment says power transfers at noon Eastern time. At that exact moment, Obama is president. If he doesn't take the oath right at noon, who actually is president?

CNN is showing moving vans at the White House.

Bravo is showing episodes of The West Wing. Appropriate.

I think Katie Couric just called Andy Card "Andy Carr." Figures.

Good Day Sacramento is showing some local political kitsch. Interesting collection of inaugural pins and bobbleheads.

The Obama daughters just had beaming smiles. Apparently they enjoyed the Jonas Brothers concert last night. I'm sure we ALL would have enjoyed that concert...

Aretha Franklin is in the house. Or outside the Capitol. Something like that.

If Obama serves two terms, his daughters will still be teenagers when he leaves office.

Chants of "Obama, Obama" from the crowd. Fascinating blend of politician and pop icon in this one man. That can be bad. Or it can be good. Just depends on how he uses it, and the choices he makes.

Huge crowd there on the National Mall.

30 minutes left. Wow...

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