Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day: Post 5

Does the rest of the world really view this day with astonishment? Diane Sawyer just made that comment on ABC. Does the world view the MOMENT that way because of Obama? Or just simply the smooth transition of power every four or eight years?

Nice script/logo in the righthand corner of the screen on NBC.

JFK didn't kiss his wife after being sworn-in in 1961. I'll let you make whatever comments you want.

President George Walker Bush and VP Cheney just walked out onto the platform. Hard to tell or imagine what emotions they feel on a day like this. Last time Bush gets Hail to the Chief played for him.

George H.W. Bush is wearing an ugly hat.

Biden just took the stage.

Wow. All those flags being waved on the National Mall. Remarkable. I'm running out of fresh adjectives.

I can't imagine what's going on inside Obama right now. All the emotions, all the thoughts of what's ahead.

More chants from the crowd. I can't tell how far the crowd stretches beyond the Washington Monument. But lotta people.

Senate and House bigwhigs walking onto the platform.

Barack H. Obama... an interesting choice for the introduction.

It's 8:43AM here. 11:43AM in DC.

A few more comments from Facebook friends:
  • Ashli Greenwood O'Connell reminds her friends who think he's the antichrist that he's just a man; and reminds her friends who drank the Kool-aid that he's just a man. Settle down.
  • Kurt Johnston Hmm...beginning to question Obama's potential for change; the line at Starbucks was just as long as it always is.
  • Erica Abell Huinda is awestruck and wishes she could be in DC today to witness it herself.
  • Michele Bilton finds herself glued to the inauguration coverage.
  • Jeff Deyo is reminded that as Christians our job is NOT to proclaim judgement on this nation - whether we "deserve" it or not - but to cry out for the MERCY of God!!

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