Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day: Post 3

Why is today meaningful to me? I don't think I was ever in the camp of people who believed a non-white wouldn't be elected president in my lifetime. My parents didn't raise us in that kind of environment, so I'm not shocked or surprised or overwhelmed or astounded by Obama's election.

But I can appreciate the significance and historicity of the moment. It speaks volumes to the world that truly there are fewer limits to someone in this country compared to most other nations around the world. It's inaccurate to say that ANYONE can become president. But after today, it becomes accurate to say there are FEWER barriers to someone reaching that office. In my lifetime, I expect to see a female president and other non-white presidents.

Of course, ultimately Obama will be judged by the content of his administration, not the color of his skin. It's a remarkable day today. I just pray that Obama is able to become the kind of president we need. I fear our last two presidents (Clinton and Bush43) may have been the kinds of president we DESERVED. I pray for change in many ways.

Interesting notes...
  • A taxi accidentally got in the middle of the motorcade for one of FDR's inaugurations
  • The Senate will be voting (already) on some of Obama's Cabinet nominations this afternoon
  • This is the first time in US history when a Chief Justice will be swear in a president who voted against his nomination (Obama voted against John Roberts' nomination to the High Court)
  • All of the living former presidents are there at the inauguration
Have I mentioned that I don't really like Wolf Blitzer? His voice and halting speaking style bug me. Not spending much time on CNN right now.

The "Biden Blunder" will be fascinating to watch unfold in the weeks ahead.

Who's the public address announcer for the live stuff at the Capitol? He has an awesome voice.

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Eric said...

Any word on who the P.A. announcer is? I have been trying to find out but can't find anyone who knows.