Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day: Post 7

Wow, gotta love Aretha Franklin's voice. She could sing the theme song to Friends and make it into a meaningful, emotional experience. Well, OK, maybe not THAT song...

A close-up of a tear down someones face. So cliche...

Well, Biden has taken his oath of office. 3 minutes until noon EST.

Is John Paul Stevens wearing a bowtie? Cant tell. Does Biden get to pick which associate justice administers his oath?

Its 1 minute before noon. Apparently they ARE running a few minutes behind.

Seriously? Someone is using a blower in my neighbor's yard just as yo yo ma and itzhak perlman are playing music. Horrible timing, folks. Horrible timing.

This music seems so calm and soothing and stirring, right before the oath of office for Obama. Very creative and effective. I could listen to yo yo ma and itzhak perlman all day. Seriously. Let them play whatever they want and it'll be incredible. Not sure who the pianist and clarinetist are but they're good too.

Officially, Obama became president 4 minutes ago. But now time for the official swearing-in ceremony.

"Everyone please stand" is funny because everyone out on the National Mall has been standing for hours.

Oops, some mess-ups on the oath. Underlying tension between John Roberts and Barack Obama?

It's official.

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