Monday, May 28, 2007

Episode 50 is a myth.

Our friends over at Simply Youth Ministry are busy folks. We all know that. But life apparently has become SO busy that four well-meaning adults are unable to sit down for an hour of laughter and fun -- the hour we all like to call the Simply Youth Ministry Podcast.

Episode 49 was posted in iTunes on April 21. Today is May 28. That's how hectic their lives have been. Not that I have any room to talk, when it comes to posting things, or hitting deadlines, or things like that. But Episode 50, will it ever happen? Maybe Andy got mad because he didn't want to give 50 free products to the person with the best content idea for the episode. Perhaps we will never know. (Unless Josh blogs about it, which I'm sure he will, after fending off the little Jawas and oddly attired people in his Star Wars cult.)


Joshua Griffin said...

Come on, you got 49.5! JG

P-Rob said...

yes, episode 49.5 temporarily abated the cold sweats of podcast withdrawal.