Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Great report from the doctor!

My mom got great news from her oncologist this morning: He doesn't want to see her for two months, and there's no reason for any continued treatment right now for her cancer! He didn't use the word "remission" but it's clear that most of her body remains cancer-free!

There is an area in her abdomen that he wants to continue keeping a close eye on, but other than that things look great. I was glad I drove down to be with her, especially if the news had been less than good. But being there for the good report was special, too!


Jennifer said...

Praise God!
I am so happy to hear that. I will continue to keep her in my prayers. She looked good when I saw her on Sunday morning.

Tom Bernice Tommy Nicky Hammond said...

Praise the Lord!

Great report...please send your mom our greetings from Pindamonhangaba!

P-Rob said...

thx guys! tom & co, i'll pass along the greetings to mom!