Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'd like to apologize: Volume 5

It's Thursday, which means it's time to get something off my chest -- and I'm not just talking about the pizza sauce from the Round Table Pizza that I ate tonight. So, this week I offer my apologies:

* To Katie Webb, for throwing a roll at her when I ate dinner with the family.
* To Katie Webb, for throwing it while her mom wasn't watching.
* To Mike Lara, for doing all his dishes.
* To our congregation Sunday morning, for starting the first song just a liiiiiitle bit too fast.
* To Aaron, Christina and Andrew, for embarrassing them during junior high chapel yesterday (but thanks for being good sports).
* To Brandon Groll, for missing his birthday -- oh wait, I remembered it...
* To Jennifer and Steven Nelson, for subjecting you to potentially contaminated chicken last Friday night (and no, I wasn't the one cooking).
* To the woman at BloodSource who drew my blood donation today, for cringing when she didn't quite hit my vein correctly.
* To Howard Dean, for making fun of him in a post earlier today.
* To my Kansas City Royals, for forgetting that they're in town playing the Oakland A's next week.
* To Levi Jones, for losing track of his email address.
* To the Battaglia family, for their loss this week.
* To all of you, for whatever hurt, pain, wound, injury you may have suffered this week at the hands of those who claim to love ya.

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