Friday, May 04, 2007

The joy of fireworks.

It ain't the Fourth of July yet, but my mind's afixed on fireworks.

Tonight is our annual meeting with our fireworks company and the county firefighters where we are subjected to the same list of rules, policies, and procedures that we hear every year before selling fireworks.

We can't begin selling until June 28, but I guess tonight's event gets my mind focused on this wonderful annual madness. In some parts of California, you can't sell any kind of fireworks. We get 7 days out of the year here to sell "safe and sane" fireworks. "Wimpy and limited" would be another accurate description.

But it's a great fund-raiser for our youth ministry, it gives parents and other adults a place to connect, and it's usually a great avenue for attracting some new volunteers each year.

Tonight's event? Ugh. But I'm hanging with some cool people from our church, so that makes it all worthwhile. They're serving food, too, but it's at a new venue so I don't know how good it will be this time. We'll see!

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Jennifer said...

Last year was the first year I can honestly say in a long time that I enjoyed the fireworks. My world was not focused on fireworks. I don't envy the place you are at. I know it is good money, but I wouldn't trade being on the other side to go to your side anytime soon. Still haven't archived my life long goal of buying the big one. There is a bigger one which is like 500 dollars. This is my new goal. Of course what most people tell me is I should just take the $500 and burn 1 dollar bills at a time, but this is just not as fun. Hope you guys have a good time selling this year and make lots of money