Thursday, June 14, 2007

5 stories worth a read: part quatre

Welcome back, friends. Today we offer you an exciting edition of 5Stories, and we hope you enjoy your stay with us.

1. Berkeley street behavior law draws some unruly remarks from the San Francisco Chronicle (via

2. Survey: Working dads want more family time from CNN/

3. Futurism’s past is littered with faulty forecasts from

4. Barroso waves off notion of 'United States of Europe' from the International Herald Tribune

5. Old Latin Mass makes a comeback from the St. Louis Post Dispatch

And before you go, let's play a round of Jeopardy...
ANSWER: The reason Rob's posting on his blog before noon on his day off.
QUESTION: What is because one of his students called him at 7AM today? Ugh!


theDAve said...

i thought I heard you up early talking. I was like.. Uh why is Rob up period. He never gets up any earlier than 8, well except tuesdays. ;)

P-Rob said...

tuesdays and sundays. sometimes fridays. almost never thursdays.