Monday, June 11, 2007

DOD: Our grocery store closed.

Yes folks, you read those words correctly. Our neighborhood grocery store closed today.

And I couldn't be happier.

Don't worry. I'm alright (I think). I'm happy because the "closed" store was an Alberton's location, and the "soon-to-reopen" store will be a Save Mart. I've shopped occasionally at the store because I believe in the value of a grocery store in my neighborhood, but the prices are WAY too expensive. Save Mart SHOULD have lower prices, based on what I experienced back in my Turlock days.

In any case, come Wednesday, the store will be a Save Mart, and I'll give them a shot at saving me some grocery cash from my budget.


Jennifer said...

Don't be fooled your prices will be about the same. We had an Albertson's in our area which opened back up as Savemart. Different name, same stuff, same people, same prices. I comparison shopped this weekend and if I wouldn't have shopped at Alberston's (Savemart), but at the original Savemart in our area I would have saved $25.00. Maybe it will different in your area. They continue to raise prices down here because nobody shops. Of course that is good business and will help you get out of debit even faster.

P-Rob said...

That stinks. I'll at least give them a shot. I do most of my shopping at Safeway, and with their club card, prices are decent. I should go to Food Maxx or Winco more. But the nearest Winco, well, there are birds that sometimes fly around -- inside the store. And that just kinda bugs me, to buy groceries there. The lines are always long, too.