Thursday, June 14, 2007

DOD: Grocery store update.

Last night after our youth service, I stopped in to check out our "re-opened" grocery store around the corner. Now that it's a Save Mart and not an Albertson's, I wanted to see if prices had changed much. The answer? Ehh, sorta. Some of their prices are now down into the Safeway (without club card specials) range, and others might be a little bit lower. In any case, it appears that many prices DID come down from the Albertsonstratosphere range. And that's good news. Having a grocery store is a good thing for a neighborhood, and it's likely I'll spend a little bit more of my money just around the block.

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Anonymous said...

I miss our Albertson's. It was cheaper then Food Maxx and I haven't been the least impressed with Savemart's prices. But hey that's Turlock for you.