Sunday, June 03, 2007

5 stories worth a read

These aren't necessarily 5 stories that make the biggest headlines, and you may have seen the articles already. But these are 5 stories that I found intriguing as a youth pastor, as a leader, as a person:

1. Sex peddled as power in pornified girl culture from The Associated Press

2. Bank overdraft fees: Help may be on the way from MSNBC

3. Greece is awaiting huge wave of tourists from the International Herald Tribune

4. The Force is strong at MJC tribute to Lucas, 'Star Wars' from The Modesto Bee

5. '08 Dark Horse Running Strong ... in Cyberspace from

And for those of you who might complain that all 5 picks come from MSM (mainstream media) sources, well, tough. Deal with it, amigos.

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