Friday, June 08, 2007

Rob got robbed.

Every now and then, Mark Oestreicher from Youth Specialties will post a photo in need of a caption. Seeing how's the big man at YS, he can actually give away a prize to the winning caption. Thus, he gets lots of entries.

This was his most recent photo:

I, along with several dozen other people, submitted our ideas, and my caption was actually considered a contender:

“Luke, I am your father. And this is your mother.”

Well, Marko decided that instead of him deciding the winner, he'd call on Josh Griffin, the uberfan of all things Star Wars, and Griff would pick da winner.

I didn't win. Joshua picked some lame caption about "Begun, the squirrel wars have."

(Actually, I did think that one was pretty funny. I just wanted to win a book.)

My only consolation is knowing that my caption got high marks from Marko's son Max, who "really loved this one." And if a 9-year-old thinks your caption is cool, who else's opinion really matters, right?


marko said...

seriously, yours was max's favorite, and i woulda considered it a finalist for sure.

P-Rob said...

lol glad to kno that! i just wanted to give josh a hard time 'bout it.