Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sermon highlight.

We've had great sermons at camp all week (our leaders are Donnie Moore and his Radical Reality ministry team). Too many thoughts to share in writing, but I figured I'd post some highlights from one of the strongest sermons of the week. It came from Donnie Moore during the Tuesday evening service.

Sin opens the door to the enemy and gives him a foothold
You know it's spiritual warfare when:
1. My thoughts are irrational
2. It's an unsolicited thought
3. The opposition is bizarre and outrageous
Ephesians 6:10-12 key verses

1. Satan comes in disguise
  • He makes the little issues big, and turns the truly big issues into little things
  • Fear can captivate our hearts and destroy our future
  • Worry cannot change one situation

2. Satan comes to divide

  • He creates division from God's Word
  • He creates division from other people
  • The way you leave a relationship is the way you will enter the next one, whether it's a dating relationship, friendship, or relationship with a church
  • If the enemy can divide you from your shepherd, he can cut you off from a source of being fed
  • When you see division, you know the enemy is involved

3. Satan comes to destroy

  • He wants to destroy the home
  • He wants to destroy the church
  • If he can injure your parents or leaders, he'll injure you
  • Bitterness is a cancer to the soul
  • Are you trapped in yesterday because of pain or unforgiveness?
  • Forgiveness is NOT a feeling; it's a choice, an action
  • In Genesis, Joseph had many reasons to be bitter, but God healed that hurt; the names of Joseph's children (Genesis 41) reflect this change
  • Jesus had the right of justifiable unforgiveness, yet He chose to forgive while He was on the cross

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