Sunday, July 22, 2007

Simply poems.

Some silly summer sonnets. Well, not really sonnets. But poems nonetheless. The same theme, in two variations.

the season quickly comes
like the beating of the drums
the camps, the trips, the movie clips
my summer is so much fun

we always stay up late
finding ways to celebrate
the games, the pranks, the helium tanks
my summer is so much fun

the lessons are sometimes short
not enough to take me to court
the songs, the skits, the cheesy bits
my summer is so much fun

the end is almost near
time for a brand new year
the schools, the classes, the crying masses
my summer was so much fun

the joy of summer, from camps and trips to movie clips
we all love summer, from games and pranks to helium tanks
can’t get enough summer, with songs and skits and cheesy bits
and then summer’s gone, with school and classes and crying masses

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