Sunday, July 15, 2007

They (heart) Josh.

My guys are obsessed with all things Josh Griffin right now. This morning, during our youth class (rather informal, since I didn't get home until 11PM last night and hadn't prepped during the week), they were sending Josh text messages. Here's an example.

THEM: "Hey Josh"

HIM: "Hey guys! Hey why don't you go ahead and cough right now in the middle of whatever Rob's doing."

THEM: Cough, cough

ME: "Stop poisoning my students minds"

HIM: "I just told your students to cough"

ME: "Wow, my students have joined the cult of worshiping Griff and Fields. Now they're becoming ur puppets."

HIM: "hahahahaah"

HIM: "Hey Steven, drop to the ground and pretending ur dead"

STEVEN: Falls to ground. Pretends he's dead.

ME: "Weird things r happenin to my students. Good thing I'm not like, at church or"

HIM: "Amazing. lol"

Anyway, Josh Griffin is a great guy, and I'd rather have my guys looking up to him than some idiot celebrity or some sports star who's shooting up on steroids.

Oh, and speaking of steroids...funny story...

Saturday evening, we're driving home from the greater L.A. area (we spent the day Saturday at Magic Mountain). We stop in Kettleman City, which isn't really a true city, just a collection of various gas stations and fast food joints. We walk into Chevron to buy some water and snacks, and some kid approaches Steven. He kinda mumbles something, Steven gives him a weird look and walks away, and then the kid mutters some colorful word under his breath.

I was a few feet away, so I ask this other guy what he needed -- thinking perhaps that he had a real, legit need. "Um, I'm trying to get some stogies." The dude wanted Steven to buy him cigars! Here are some funny observations on this moment:

1. Steven isn't even 18. He turned 16 in May.

2. The guy was traveling with a group from the YMCA.

3. Dude kept watching me the whole time, probably afraid I'd go tell one of his leaders. I didn't.

4. Steven actually thought the guy was asking for or offering steroids, not stogies.

5. One of our team members had no idea what the word "stogie" meant.

Fun moment out on I-5 in the middle of Nowhere, California!

And for those of you care, I did get some photos from this week's experiences. I'll probably post some later tonight once I'm home, fed, napped and rejeuvenated -- and once the pics are donwloaded.

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