Friday, July 13, 2007

Student leadership: Final highlights

Right now, we're sitting in a hotel room in Valencia, preparing for our final day of this leadership adventure. We'll be at Magic Mountain much of the day Saturday, and then we hit the road back to Sacramento. I know it's gonna be a fun day -- and a long one, too!

So, what are some closing highlights from the final day of this leadership trip?

1. Chats with Doug
I didn't talk with Doug Fields just today, but it was cool catching up on things and talking about ministry. It also was fun for our guys to meet him and for him to remember the "sweaty" nickname from yesterday.

2. Seeing the SYM offices
Yes, I finally got to stand inside the offices of Simply Youth Ministry... engage in a fun chat with Jack Guiso... see where Matt McGill attempted to break into the SYM podcast room... check out the actual room where the podcast is recorded... and get one last sneak peek at the SYM catalog, which should be in the mail sometime this summer. It also was fun to just hang and chat with Andy, Nadim and Natalie (and yes, we DO miss Natalie on the podcast, though Jana is a highly qualified, worthy replacement).

3. Getting a gym workout...sorta
Our hotel has a small gym with some equipment that actually works. I went down there and used the machines, but the treadmills had some real issues with the running surface; it just didn't work the way it should. But I did manage to get in some time on the stationary bike, so at least I got a workout today...sorta.

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