Thursday, July 12, 2007

Student leadership: More highlights

Here are some odds-and-ends notes from today's leadership conference. What a wild day, once again.

1. Josh, the matchmaker
Emcee extraordinaire Josh Griffin has been playing matchmaker at this leadership conference, and today (with a little encouragement from my students) he decided to turn his attention my way. He brought me forward, gave me a Starbucks gift card and then told single women in the room to find me later so I could get their numbers. So far? Zero numbers. Desperate? Nah.

2. Odors, odors in my car...
I don't know what my guys ate this week, but everyone has been afflicted with severe gas conditions. It's a guy thing, of course, but it just seems like everyone is EXTRA gassy this week...and we're not even on a missions trip.

3. That "sweaty" guy
Right now, we're using some Sunday video curriculum featuring Doug Fields. Early on, one of our students, Tyler G., made a comment that "Doug really looks sweaty in that video." On Tuesday evening, I introduced the guys to Fields and recounted Tyler's comments. After tonight's service, the guys were getting Doug to sign some books, and Doug signed Tyler's book with "Doug Fields (Sweaty)." As he walked away, Tyler G. shook Doug's hand and said, "Bye, Sweaty." So, I'm now the youth pastor who has the student who calls Fields "Sweaty." Priceless.

4. Lots of cute girls
That's what my guys are saying, anyway. Can't say I've been watching the teen crowd as closely as they have, but it is a good reminder of a reason many guys go to things like leadership conferences, youth conventions and other big youth events.

5. Steven wants to be mentioned
Good old Steven Nelson was just awakened from his sleep by Tyler Gillespie. Steven is upset that I didn't mention him earlier in this post, so now I've mentioned his name. If only he'd start blogging again...

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