Friday, July 13, 2007

Student Leadership: Day 4

It all came to an end today, with one final session at the PDYM Student Leadership Conference -- this one built around the biblical purpose of Worship. We had some awesome time of worshiping God through music (we've had great sessions all week led by Jadon Lavik), along with some fun and games. The Taco Bell Olympics proved to be a messy but enjoyable competition this week; fortunately, I never got hit by any flying food, but plenty of people did!

Today's speaker was Taffy, who oversees the youth worship ministries at Saddleback. He's a funny, energetic, creative speaker who probably has more energy than the average high school student (but he might get beat by a typical junior-higher). Here are a few highlights from Taffy's presentation:
  • When it comes to concerts, sports, big events, we make the experience about the team; yet when it comes to being in the presence of God, we think it's about US and not HIM
  • It isn't worship if you're asking, "How are you going to please me?"
  • What have you placed on the throne of your life -- relationships, priorities, success, identity, money, popularity?
  • Mountaintop experiences are great, but when you go back home, how will you live a lifestyle of worship?
  • Best biblical definition of worship can be found in Romans 12:1-2
  • We're called to be deliberate, intentional, living sacrifices
  • You were made for God's pleasure
  • Feelings go up and down; that's a constant struggle in the area of worship
  • Our faith shouldn't feed our feelings or we'll go nowhere; when our faith feeds our intellect or will, our spiritual "train" will move forward
  • Your spiritual life is not a hobby
  • When you live a life of worship, you're saying, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty," even without saying those words
  • When God is everything to you, everything else will fall into place in your life
  • Yes, living a life of worship will be difficult, but that's because Satan attacks those who are making a difference

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